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Create & Sell an Online Course on the Side

Hassan Osman
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In 6 easy sessions, you'll learn how to create, teach, market, and sell an online course on Udemy while working a full-time job

This is a live 2-week (cohort-based) course that gives you everything you need to know about how to turn your knowledge into something you can teach (even if you don't know where to start).

It's the system I used to go from zero to over 215,000+ students with no paid ads.

Who is this for?

The course is for full-time employees and entrepreneurs who are interested in teaching their first pre-recorded course on Udemy (and don't have a lot of time to spend on marketing it).

It's for anyone who would like to turn their knowledge into income, even if they have no idea about what course topic to choose, and have little time to spend on creating and marketing a course.

What's Covered in the Course?

Here's an overview of what's covered in each session.

Session 1 (Monday): The Big Picture

  • How a course can help you
  • How to think about repurposing and cross-promoting in different formats (books, blog posts, audio)
  • Self-hosting vs. other marketplaces (pros & cons)
  • How Udemy works
  • Requirements, pricing models, and how much money you can make

Session 2 (Wednesday): Course Topic & Course Design

  • Overall course strategy & course-creation roadmap
  • How to pick a course topic & title (including a title & subtitle)
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Leveraging market insights & analytics (SEO & keywords)
  • Designing a course outline
  • Lecture strategy and length
  • Evergreen vs. non-evergreen content

Session 3 (Thursday): Q&A

  • Open Q&A to discuss any questions you may have
  • Optional feedback on your prospective course titles

Session 4 (Monday): Course Recording & Editing

  • What equipment to use
  • Screencasts vs. talking-head videos
  • How to read notes while recording
  • Lecture script outlines
  • Recording & editing best practices
  • Course image & promotional video ideas
  • Test videos and lecture types
  • Designing a course landing page

Session 5 (Wednesday): Course Pricing & Marketing

  • How to price your course
  • How to use coupons strategically
  • Requesting reviews and leveraging the bonus lecture (incl. automated messaging)
  • Promo and educational announcements
  • Communicating with your students
  • Updating the course

Session 6 (Thursday): Q&A

  • Open Q&A to discuss any questions you may have.

Cohort Details

Start Date: Monday, June 06, 2022

Sessions: 6 Live Zoom group sessions over 2 weeks

Session Days & Times: Mon, Wed, & Thu at 7 pm US Eastern Time (2 weeks)

Session Duration: 1 hour (we'll probably go over a bit in each session)

Session Types: 4 lectures + 2 Open Q&A Office Hours (all will be recorded)

Note: My main goal is to add as much value as possible in the course. Although I've targeted 1 hour for each session, please plan on blocking an extra 30 minutes (i.e. 1.5 hours total) in case we do go over as there might be a few questions that come up throughout the session.

A Little About Me

My name is Hassan Osman and I'm a creator on the side. I've published 9 courses on Udemy all while working a demanding full-time job (views are my own). Over 215,000 students have enrolled in my courses so far, and a few of them are bestsellers (see below; you can also view all my courses on Udemy by clicking here).

I'm also part of the Udemy Instructor Partner Program, an official program for instructors who consistently receive high course ratings on the platform (I have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from over 80,000 public reviews). In this live course, I'll show you everything I know about how to create, market, and sell a course on the side.

Bonus Material

You'll also receive access to the following bonuses for free:

  • 30+ resources that will help you save time in creating your course, including recommendations about what equipment & tools to use, as well as free image & video resources to help you create killer videos
  • A sample video that will help you increase the number of reviews for your course
  • A sample lecture outline and script that will help you save time in creating your own
  • Two sample course curriculums that will give you a general idea about how to organize and title your course sections and lectures


"Great class. It's clear why Hassan has been so successful on Udemy with how well he taught the content and the value he packed into 4 classes. The information you get is easily worth 10x the price."

-Trevor Bragdon

"What Hassan has been able to accomplish is very inspiring. In the course, he shares everything he has done to help others reach the same level of success. The material is very detailed and engaging at the same time."

-Alina Okun

"This is a great primer for building your own course on Udemy with valuable tips and tricks."

-Tanya Moushi

"The course delivered on its promise. All I have to do now is build my own course using the framework Hassan provided."
-George Diversiev

"Hassan’s class was fantastic and super-informative. He is passionate about the material he’s teaching and he knows what he’s talking about. I will definitely recommend the course to my friends."
-Feenix Pan, Ph.D.

"Although I am a newbie in Udemy terms, I have been a professional trainer & speaker in 4 countries in Europe & Asia over a 35-years period and can recognize a consummate trainer/facilitator when I see one - Hassan Osman is such a person. Hassan was credible and very well prepared in constructing a course on this topic and he delivered the program. His interactions with participants online & offline were exemplary."
-Geoff Andrew

"Hassan's generosity with information is only matched with his presentation. This man walks the talk. Stopped me floundering and got me delivering."
-Dr. Lesley Hawson

"Hassan is a constant source of inspiration to me. In this course, he shares everything he knows about creating a successful Udemy course on the side. He has offered many practical insights and answered every question with clarity and patience. Great course taught by a great person!"
-Xinran Ma

"I wanted to learn how to use the Udemy website, how to structure a Udemy course, and especially what equipment I need to put a course together and publish it. This course solved all my problems. I would recommend it to anyone who has a great course idea but doesn't know how to put it together and publish it."
-Marianna Dezső


Q: Why Udemy? Can the concepts apply to other platforms?

A: Udemy is one of the largest and most popular online learning platforms in the world, and it has a lot of advantages for creators. I've also published 9 courses on Udemy, and it's the platform I know the most about. We'll get into some Udemy-specific tactics & strategies, but most of the concepts (90%+) will apply to other course platforms as well.

Q: Will the course include access to a private community (e.g., Slack, Discord, etc.)

Not at the moment. That's because I won't be able to commit to maintaining a community with my current schedule. The two open Q&A office hours will be used to answer all your questions.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all the sessions will be recorded and shared with everyone (whether you can attend or not) after each session is over.

Q: How and when will the recordings be shared?

All the sessions will be recorded and shared after each session is over. They will be shared on the same evening (or the next morning at the latest) via email.

Q: The time doesn't work for me because it's too early/ late in my time zone. Will I get the same value from the course if I just watch the recordings?

Yes. You will get access to all the recordings and materials as if you were attending the live sessions (including the chat transcripts). The only thing you'll miss out on is asking questions on Zoom. However, you can submit questions via email and I'll answer them for you during one of the two Q&A sessions (and you can watch the answers in the recordings later).

Any other questions?

Feel free to drop me an email at hassan [at] writerontheside [dot] com

Ready to enroll?

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UPDATE: The course is sold out. Please click here to be the first to know when a new cohort opens up

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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