Repurposing for Profit [Short Course]

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Learn how to create once and sell multiple times by unlocking new revenue streams for your info products

This is a short, 70-minute course that'll show you how to repurpose your books, courses, and digital products to maximize profit while saving a lot of time.

It covers the exact strategies and ideas I've used to publish 16 books on Amazon (with over 57,000 readers), 9 courses on Udemy (with over 215,000 students), and other digital products while working a full-time job.

Who is this for?

The course is for creators who have published at least one info product (book, course, or other digital product) and are interested in learning how they can maximize the potential of their products without having to constantly think about creating new ones.

What's covered in the course?

Here's an overview of what's covered in the short course:

  • Why you should repurpose your content
  • The high-level strategy for repurposing (and how to think about free vs paid repurposing)
  • The four things to keep in mind about how people think about your repurposed content
  • 15+ paid and free repurposing strategies that will help you unlock new ideas for increasing revenue while spending minimal additional effort
  • Real numbers about how much money each repurposing strategy can make (and how much money each can cost)

The goal of the short course is to give you one or more ideas that will help you maximize your profit potential from your products.

A Little About Me

My name is Hassan Osman and I'm a creator on the side. I've published 30+ products while working a demanding full-time job (views are my own). The main strategy I leverage to create all those products is to constantly repurpose my content into different formats. In this session, I'll share everything I know about my tactics and how I think about info products.


"Great course! It was 100% content, no fluff. Hassan generously shared his experience, and I got a lot of insights. A great investment of my time."

-Roberto Zoia Nesta

"Hassan is the master of repurposing. In this course, he explains every method he uses, with detailed examples for each. I definitely left with a lot of new ideas to help me increase the number of income streams I have. This course will easily pay for itself."

-Maneetpaul Singh

"I loved all the detailed examples with actual numbers of revenue and cost"

-Manuel Zapata

"Hassan's course covers everything you might not be thinking about when it comes to selling the sawdust of an existing product. It shows you that what doesn't work in one format might kill it in another. Don't miss the chance to make your content as adaptable, impactful, and profitable as possible."

-Tanya Moushi

"Hassan provided very practical and useful information in a warm, conversational, and well-organized fashion."

-Warren Eaton

"Hassan’s course opened my eyes to many other possibilities on how to leverage existing content. Definitely recommend to creators out there!"
-Greg Lim


Feel free to drop me an email at hassan [at] writerontheside [dot] com or connect with me on Twitter

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70 minute video course (+ slides in PDF format)

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Repurposing for Profit [Short Course]

5 ratings
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